Why Natural Living.

There is a very big and loud noise coming out during the last 5-6 years, and that noise is about Natural living. With the life becoming so fast and human beings literally being made into robots, this noise of natural living and going back to nature is getting louder by the day. Because people have started realizing that running after material wealth will ultimately do irreversible damage to their health which cannot be bought back with loads and loads of money.

Natural living gives you immense benefits at no cost at all. Waking up early and going for a walk will improve your health manifold, and literally at zero cost. The only cost you have to pay is the cost of leaving your bed late in the morning. That is the only cost you have to pay. Does it cost you any money? No sir, it involves zero cost. Even the poorest of the poor can afford it. Can’t he? So let us all wake up early and start going for a walk at zero cost and give priceless benefits to our body.

All the things that are natural and are beneficial to the body are totally free. And how naive are we to just discard them and run after artificial things and in turn ruining our health.jUST giving you all a simple example to prove my point. In summers, we all are habitual of sleeping in the ACs and doing a great disservice to our body. Instead of sleeping in the ACs, can’t we all sleep in the open
with the fresh air flowing around, touching our bodies and giving us the feeling of abundance.bundance in the form of both finances and health? All the persons reading this should try this sleeping in the open at least once, and I guarantee you that you would continue this practice for the rest of your life.

The second thing that is Natural and is totally free, but immensely beneficial to health is Sunshine. It is an abundant source of Vitamin D, SO GOOD FOR OUR BONES AND GOOD FOR SKIN. Have you seen any farmer complaining of weak bones, arthritis, skin diseases etc? NO, YOU HAVE NOT AND YOU WOULD NOT. The reason being that they are in the Sun the whole day and also they are doing physical work there also, giving them a protection layer against weak bones and arthritis.

The third natural thing coming free and improves your health and increases value of your face is the smile on your face. Whenever you are down and out, try smiling and you will be surprised to find the changes in yourself, and find the answers to most of the questions when you were down and out.

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