If it has to be, it will be.

Sometimes while putting up our targets and goals in life,we are a bit aprehensive whether it is achievable or not,whether we will be able to do justice to it or not.But let me make it very  that once you have put your goals and targets in black and white,sooner or later you r going to achieve it.Though it may not be a straight road,but definitely you are going to make it.Sometimes nature and sometimes your own habbits may make the things difficult,but remember that one day you are going to overcome it.If you persist,and carry on with your journey towards your goals,you are definitely going to achieve it.

You all have the habit of living in your safe homes,with walls all around,meaning living in your thought process.Just try coming out of your thought process and the whole world is waiting for you. JUST EXPLODE.When you are on your rightful path,without any ill will towards others,even nature will help you in your journey.Though there will be certain problems trying to get out of your comfort zone,but effort will be just trying for. TO GET SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT GOT SO FAR,YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO FAR.

Many people might be wondering why majority of the posts are related to thoughts and the thought process,when the topic should have been HEALTH.Let me make it very clear that once your thought process is clear and free of hatred and ill will towards other,healing will automatically start happening.Of course Medication and Medical process will  fast track your recovery.Having control over one’s thoughts and diet can go a long way in maintaining a healthy body and living a healthy life.So all those who are eating things standing outside street vendors,eating momos,pizzas,cold drinks,tea,coffee,white bread,refined oil are a strict no no for everyone.



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