How to be Happy.

Happiness is a state of mind.A person with virtually nothing to show for materially can be more happy than the person with all the materialistic things on his command.To be happy,you have to do certain changes in your life.And that changes have to be permanent and not on and off one.

Taking tough changes in your life requires a brave heart.Waking up early i.e around AM will see natural smile coming on your face.Those who cant wake up at this time of the day should first try waking up half an hour early than their usual waking time and slowly come at this time of the day. Time is the essence of the life and more productively you use, more successful and happy you will be.

Every person has his own targets and own perception of life,and can be different from yours,and you may like it or not.There is nothing wrong in that.But the wrongful part is just not being happy because of him.Of course you will be thinking of him in a very observative way,but let it be known that excess of everything is bad,and too much thinking may result in anxiety and tension.So everything should be under moderation.

What we eat and  what we think has a lasting effect on our life and happiness.If we are going to eat fast food and junk food it is not going to clean our colon,and the result will be irritation the whole day.So you should take care of what we eat and should be good enough to have motions easily,first thing in the morning.Second what we think also has a lasting effect on our happiness.And our thinking is directly proportional to our reading habbits.We should try reading good books and at least one book should be read every month.Spiritual and Religious books helps us in gaining deeper insight into our lives and finding answers to most of our day to day questions.

Where there is happiness,there will be Health and then we can say




And above clearly shows us How to be Happy.

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