How to be Happy 2.

The main reason why people are unhappy is they are expecting too much from the other person.Professionally it is ok because you have to get the work out of them.But personally,it is a disease you have to find cure of.The basic point is that you are expecting the other person to follow you in letter and spirit,but it is not always so. Even if you are talking about the benefit of the other person,he will understand only up to the point he can understand and only up to the point he would like to understand.You cant force a person to abide by what you say,even if it is for his own benefit.The best thing is to tell him only once,what you expect him to do and leave the rest to him.If he agrees,good for him,and if he don’t,it is not going to make much of a differance to you.So a person should be busy challenging himself and working for his betterment, rather than being upset and angry with others,because one minute of your anger is costing you one minute of your happiness.

So whenever you are angry,just stand in front of the mirror and look straight into your own eyes and smile and See how your face glows and after some time you will have a natural smile on your face. Practising it  consciously,you will start doing it subconsciously,and that is where your true happiness lies.Life is not to be taken seriously and smiling once a while can change your whole outook towards life as a whole.You have two options in life.One is to perform your duties and responsibilities with anger and uneasiness,and second is to work like a man possessed.The choice is yours.If you choose the second option,one day you will thank yourself. Because that will mean you are actively involved with the work in hand and ultimately your productivity will increase.




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