The Power of Silence.

In this materialistic world,everyone is running after one thing or another. A person starts running in the day after getting up and ends up in the bed at night only to get up the next day and start running again.Don’t know what they are running for.After having achieved one thing materially,they are after the other and the cycle goes on.Ask them whether they are satisfied and happy,the answer will be definitely in the negative.This is because they have not understood the power of silence.

They have never sit alone by themselves and heard and felt silence around them.Silence has great healing power,both physically and mentally.If you start observing silence at least 30 minutes daily,there will be a complete transformation in you.The answers you was seeking for long will start coming up naturally to you.Because the answers you was seeking to your questions were already there inside you,but instead of finding them inside you was searching for them outside.And once you decided to feel the power of silence,all things starting falling in place. THIS IS THE POWER OF SILENCE.

Once you start sitting to observe silence,don’t try to control your thoughts.Thoughts will come and go.Don’t be afraid of them. Just try to watch them neutrally.First thought will came and go very fast but don’t be afraid of it.Slowly and steadly its frequency will come down  and ultimately there will be no more thoughts to fight with.That state is what everyone strives for.AND THAT STATE IS BLISS.

Ask anyone doing Meditation and who has experienced this and he will tell you what this experience is all about.BLISS,SIMPLY BLISS.


And when you won’t have any thoughts to fight for,no needless rush in life,no meaningless things to achieve,understood the meaning of being a total family man,(a great husband,a caring father,an obedient son and hence so and forth),there will be a HEAVEN in and around you.



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