Nature Cure

Nature cure,as the name suggests Nature Cures,and if it cures,it definitely Cares as well.The world is suffering miseries and diseases just because of the fact that it has moved away from the Nature. Remember our Sages and Saints,thousands of years ago,who use to live hundred of years.They use to live in forests,eat uncooked food,walk barefooted,get sun rays on their bodies for Vitamin D,get fresh Air,get Space also.So while living close to the

nature, they were taking in all the five elements our body is made up of- Space,Air,Fire Water and Earth.Our body  is made up of these five elements in certain proportions and if these ratios are disturbed in any way,it results in diseases. So, our ancestors while living with the nature made sure they also got all the five elements daily and in appropriate percentage.

The nature has its own way of treating Diseases.And the other way to treat diseases is Fasting.It is a common knowledge that if body does not eat food,it eats disease.The energy that body uses to digest and assimiliate food will be used for eating diseases if it is on fast.See,Nature has its own way of doing things and if you go with the flow,you are bound to reap good dividends and rewards in the form of good health and wealth. Good health and wealth go side by side and if one is down,other is also affected.

Yoga is another thing that our ancestors use to do.AND WHILE LIVING WITH THE NATURE,AND DOING YOGA,IT WAS A DEADLY COMBINATION.Surya Namaskar was the best thing they did. Pranayam and Surya Namaskar are the two things we all can do,even though we are living in the cities. Pranayam if done in the morning during Brahmwela will give you benefits beyond your Imaginaions. And top up that with Surya Namaskaar, and the world is yours.


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