Colour Therapy/Chromotherapy.

This world is made up of colous and so is our body. Whatever is inside,is also outside. All the colors in the body are present in fixed proportion.And any change in them will lead to diseases in the body.See, God is a very perfect artist. He has given all of us a perfect body  to live in.It is our carelessness and unhealthy living habbits,that we are forcing diseases in our bodies, and give them a perfect platform to grow.

Today, I will discuss about 3 major colors, the excess or deficiency of which can lead to major Diseases. Chromo therapy or color therapy as it is commonly called.

Green is considered to be a neutral color.Whenever,you cant understand which color to administer,start with Green.As this is neutral in nature,it does not have have any side effect.But should be given only moderately.Green can be taken also through water and the method of taking and making Green  water I am telling now.Take a green bottle,or if Green bottle is not available take a white glass water and wrap it with a green cello fin paper.Take it on the roof of the house along with a piece of wood, clean the floor and put the wooden piece on the floor.After that fill the bottle with clean water.Remember not to full the bottle full. It is to be filled only up to the neck of the bottle.Put the bottle on the wooden piece when sun comes out, and remember to shake the bottle after every 2 hours.Idea being to let water absorb the color of the bottle.And always remember to take the bottle half an hour before the sunset.Follow the procedure for 3-4 days and your green water is ready.Take quarter of a glass of this water 30 minutes before every meal and can be taken continuously without any side effect.

Blue is the next color we are going to discuss today,and it is related with the  Nervous system.A weak nervous system is generally the result of deficiency of Blue color. To rectify this problem, patient is advised to wear Blue color vest as much as possible.The idea is to make the Blue color come in contact with the spine,which controls the nervous system.Patient should try to remain in touch with Green as much as possible,through clothes,through blue light in the office and at home but should be used moderately.

Red is the color that can cure Arthritis and other problems of joints. Red color can be applied on the knees and joints through red cello fin paper. Red cello fin paper should be wrapped on the knees and sun rays applied on them. Remember that this process should be done for a maximum  of 5 minutes, and after that should be washed with normal cold water. This process if continued for at least six months, shows great results. Red color should never be applied to Eyes and Brain.








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