Height Weight Chart.

How much should I weigh for my Height and Age? A correct height weight chart helps in knowing how much a person should ideally weigh according to his height. Maintaining a correct height-weight ratio is good for health and helps in avoiding many obesity-related diseases. If your height weight ratio is not as per standards, you have to fix it to bring it to normal, as losing weight will obviously bring more health and cheerfulness…

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10 Best Habits of Healthy Persons.

10 BEST HABITS OF HEALTHY PERSONS There is a common misbelief that Health is a God-Given gift. Such people give the example of the same category persons where one is still very active and the other hardly able to move his body. But they forget to mention that the healthy person follows a strict fitness regime whereas the other person does not even follow a normal daily routine regularly. However, some habits are common to…

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