How to lose weight fast at home


If you want to lose weight, it is not that difficult. You just have to control your diet and change your living habits, The next step to lose weight will be automatically taken care of. The human body works as long as it is fit, and it starts slowing down when you overuse it underuse it. When you overuse it, it results in wear and tear of the body and if you underuse it, it results in lethargy, Diabetes, knees problems, and above all OBESITY, which is the root cause of all diseases. Isn’t it funny, that first, a man does nothing and gains weight and becomes Obese, and then does everything to shed weight? Wasn’t it a simple logic to lead a routine normal life where you could neither overuse nor underuse your body. And now, when the damage has been and a person has become obese and gained weight, what steps can he take to reduce/shed weight.

The following points can be taken note of by the person who wants to shed weight and become a healthy person.

1. Drink a lot of water, at least 5-6 liters per day. And water taken just before the meals is a sure shot way to lose weight. And remember, water is not to be taken in between the meals. Nutritionists have recommended the “8*8” rule of drinking water for weight loss. Meaning drinking eight, eight ounces glasses of water daily.
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2. In the next step to How to lose weight, is say no to fast foods. Fast foods neither give you any fiber nor any energy giving elements. It is just filling up your stomach with rubbish and making your stomach just a dustbin-a place where you throw your garbage. So, strictly say no to fast foods, if you seriously want to lose weight.

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3. Say no to Caffeine drinks. Same point as above. Caffeine drinks are a poison to the body and its no. 1 enemy because this is the drink that is freely consumed by the persons without understanding what this drink is taking them into. So, don’t drink coffee, tea, cold drinks, soft drinks, etc at all.
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4. Eat slowly: It is generally seen that in today’s fast-moving world, people try to save time here and there. And they generally try to save time when they generally eat and eat very fast, resulting in them swallowing the food instead of chewing. This results in them catching many diseases including obesity. So, instead of swallowing, if they start chewing up their food, they will start losing their weight. Because when they chew, the food will mix with the saliva and will easily digest in the stomach. This will also result in the person eating less and consequently losing weight. It takes 20 minutes for your body to realize it is full. So, if you eat slowly you would know beforehand that your stomach is about to get full, and if you eat fast, you yourself would not be able to tell how much have you overeaten. And it is always better to eat less than your requirement.
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5. Eat weight loss-friendly foods. Some foods have inbuilt weight loss features in them. All the green vegetables like Cauliflower, cabbage, and other Cruciferous vegetables. Even sprouts are known to help in losing weight apart from keeping the digestive system healthy.
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6.Boiled Potatoes. Potatoes are the most favorite and most commonly available food found around the Globe. No matter which vegetable you cook, Potatoes will always find its place with it in one form or another. When you take Boiled potatoes before the meals, it acts as a great filler, thereby reducing the food intake resulting in weight loss.
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7.Put a curb on Carbs. Cutting back on Sugar and starches goes a long way in cutting down on one’s weight. When you bring down your level of Carbohydrates, your body starts burning stored fat for energy, thereby reducing weight. According to some dieticians, cutting down on carbs only can see the reduction of the bodyweight from 4.5-5 kgs in the first week itself.

8.Green Tea. Green Tea is known to help in losing weight. Though Green tea has got only a small amount of caffeine, it has also got a powerful antioxidant called Catechins, which works in tandem with Caffeine to enhance fat burning.

9.Only 3 meals a day. It is normally seen that persons who are overweight, indulge in eating the whole day. If they don’t eat every now and then they become irritable and in that frame of mind they generally eat more than is required. So, to lose weight the first thing to control is the eating habit. Instead of eating the whole day long, a person has to take only 3 meals a day. Even then if he feels like Hungary, he should take healthy foods. Healthy foods should be always around because when a person feels like eating something, he can eat healthy foods, thereby helping him in overcoming the habit of overeating junk and weight gaining foods.

10. Lock the kitchen at Night.It has been seen generally that people who are overweight tend to eat even after dinner till the time they go to sleep. They would eat anything they can lay their hands-on. So, the best way is to make a promise to oneself not to indulge in mindless eating watching TV, and make a promise to oneself not to eat anything after your main meal at night.

11.Eat a lot of Fibre. Eating a lot of fiber oriented foods will naturally help you in shedding weight. Substituting Fibre oriented foods from refined products like WHITE BREAD, FAST FOODS, biscuits, cookies, cakes, etc will go a long way in losing weight. Fiber is extremely important. Besides helping in relieving Constipation, it also aids in weight loss, lower blood sugar levels. Some of the fiber-rich foods are Apples, Raspberries, Pears, strawberries, Carrots, Oats, Popcorns, Almonds, etc.

12.Use small Plates.Studies have shown that people tend to eat more when they use bigger plates. Because people count the amount of their food intake from the number of plates they have eaten and not according to their actual requirement. Hence using small plates can help in taking lesser food consumption, resulting in natural weight loss.

13. CUT BACK ON ADDED SUGAR. Adding too much sugar as a top-up is one of the worst habits of the modern era. Consuming too much sugar and high fructose drinks is the main reason for obesity in the modern era. Added sugar may also result in Heart and Type 2 diabetes diseases. So, to lose your weight just cut down on sugar and see the results. Sugar, along with Salt has been labeled as white poison. A person is better off without both of these.

14 Aerobic exercises Aerobic exercises are the latest in the trend in the health and fitness industry. Aerobics is becoming very popular among the population to be hit and fit. Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn calories and be fit physically and mentally. Losing belly fat is the most important benefit arising out of the Aerobic exercises.

15. Don’t take stress Stress is also known to increase weight. Taking stress in a controlled way is required and is fully justifies, but too much stress apart from increasing weight can also result in High Blood pressure, Sugar, and Hormonal imbalance. Too much stress is also known to affect health and fitness. One of the best ways to control stress is to go for a walk. Going for a long walk is known to bust stress. Yoga and Meditation are also known to be a great stress buster.

16. Take normal sleep Too much and too little a sleep results in many problems in the body like irritability, laziness, Sugar, Blood pressure problems. And too much sleep results in gaining weight also. So let your sleep be normal and don’t oversleep or undersleeping. Controlling weight is the first step towards leading a healthy and fit life.

17. Lead an active life. Leading a redundant life and life similar to a couch potato will definitely result in you gaining weight, in addition to other health problems. You must keep yourself busy productively and not let any amount of lethargy sink in, in your daily routine. Besides health and fitness benefits, an active life brings with it many other benefits including wealth, increases the thinking power of the brain, you become more logical, and many more.

18.Drink Hot Lemon water Right after waking up, the first thing you have to do is to drink hot lemon water. Drinking hot lemon water increases your metabolism and puts your body in weight loss mode right from the morning.

19. Eat Water and drink food Sounds Crazy? YES, BUT IT IS RIGHT. Not just for weight loss, but also for the overall health and fitness of the body, we all should eat water and drink food. Meaning that we should chew food to such an extent that it becomes water, easily mixes up with Saliva, and helps in easy digestion, thereby reducing the food intake by the body. And we should drink water like we are eating food, taking it in after keeping it in the mouth for some time. And it should only be taken sip by sip.

20. Eat only when you are hungry. Don’t eat for comfort. Many of us don’t eat to satisfy our hunger. We do it just out of comfort or to relieve stress. That is the main reason why our weight loss program always derails. To be in line, eat only when you are hungry.

Permanent weight loss requires the motivation to change your lifestyle and eating habits. It is not a 100-meter dash, but a marathon. Here only those will win who have the capacity to take it in the long term. Here, the principle of slow and steady wins the race, applies.

21. Remain positive and cheerful. Studies have shown that cheerful and positive looking persons eat less as compared to persons who are depressed. NEVER EVER FEEL LONELY OR DEPRESSED.Go for a walk, talk to your friend, listen to music, and do whatever that makes you active and cheerful.

22. Eating mindfully. It means people pay attention to how and where to eat. It means having a place and time to eat. With lives becoming fast by the day and people always on the move and eating while moving, they would do themselves a world of good by fixing a place and time to eat, where there will be no television, no mobile and no distraction of any other kind.

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