How to Exercise at Home during the Corona Virus.

How to Exercise at Home during Corona Virus

Wants to workout? You don’t need to leave your home to workout. You can use your body weight effectively to exercise at home. Nowadays, with life becoming so fast and Individuals rarely looking after their bodies, eating fast foods, eating Nonveg, least body moments and doing all the rubbish things. With people reluctant to move out after and before their professional duties, and Idiot box taking a chunk of the time while at home. The majority of the people don’t even look at the exercise paRT AS A MUST DO part of life. What they don’t understand that as food and sleep are necessary for life, so is the exercise. Merely a daily routine of sleeping, waking up, eating, doing your Professional duties, watching tv doesn’t constitute life. In between that, you have to take time out for your Hobbies and exercise. Hobbies will keep you busy and will take out the creative side of your life, while exercise will keep you fitter and active, and will increase your chances of survival in this world. Darwyn’s theory rightly says The Survival of the fittest. And fitness and health are the domains to look after by everyone. When you exercise, Health and fitness will be taken care of automatically.

Those who complain of not having enough time will really do themselves a good favor by cutting on their unproductive activities like watching tv, idle chat, etc. Waking up early, 5 AM to start with, will give you an additional 1 to 1.5 hours in which you can start your new routine of exercises and self-development.

After waking up, and finishing your daily chores, the best part is to go for a walk, and this is not possible during the rainy season and extreme winter seasons. And with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is always not advisable to go outside for exercise, and with the world under compulsory lockdown, it is also not possible to go to the gym for exercise. So, the best part is to exercise at home. And if you could push your time of waking up around 0430 hours, better it is. For starting exercises, the warmup is necessary because it allows body to get ready for what is coming next. A mild exercise of around 5 minutes constitute a warmup exercise. And what are the better ways to exercise at home? The list of Best exercises to do at home can be put as follows:


1. Bodyweight exercises: No equipment needed. The best way to exercise at home is to use the weight of your body to exercise and reap benefits. There are quite a lot of body exercises which can be done at home. Take a clean exercise mat and put it on the floor in an open place.
A) Stand tall.
start with having the fingers of both your hands interlocked and putting your hands upward like shown in the picture and stretch upwards. 15-20 stretches at a time will do the thing.

B)Side Bending.
Put your one hand on your waist and other hand upward, Bend on the side you have your hand on the waist, Hold and count up to 10, leave. Now, repeat the same thing on the right side. Do this cycle 10 times.

C)Jog in place.
The best way to exercise at home is to jog at a place. Take the position at a particular place and start jogging without leaving the place.10 minutes of this is sufficient to get you out of your lethargy.

D)Leg Raise:
Lay down on your back, with hands by your side. And now take your legs up slowly and slowly and hold it at a 90-degree angle for 10 seconds. And now bring your legs down slowly and slowly. Repeat it 15-20 times.

E)Push Up:
This exercise needs no introduction. Oldest exercise ever known to the mankind.

F.Chair Squat
This is also one of the best home exercises to strengthen your legs, knees, and core. Standing with a chair under you, and your feet shoulder-distance apart, and arms stretched out in front of you, try to sit on the chair by bending your knees till your bottom touches the chair. Now push up keeping your spine straight and return to the normal position. Repeat it at least 10-15 times.

All Pictures courtesy Google search.

G. Side-lying Hip abduction. Side-lying hip abduction is the best home exercise to strengthen your legs and knees. Lying on your side, with your head on your hands, try lifting up your upper leg up to the level you can comfortably do. Keep it there for 5-10 seconds and slowly bring it down. Now repeat the same process at least 10 times. Now, change the side and repeat the whole process again. People having Hip injury or Hip transplant should take medical advice before starting this exercise.
All pictures courtesy Google search.

H.Back lying Bicycle exercise Wearing loose clothes, lying on your back, with hands supporting your head from the back. Raise your legs 45 degrees above the ground and move your legs in such a way that it looks like you are riding a bicycle. After doing this job, try to put your left foot on your right knee, with hands firmly behind you, and move your head on the right side and your legs on the left side, as shown in the picture below. Repeat the same thing in the opposite direction also. Do this cycle at least 10 times to start with. Good for knees. hips, and it also aids in removing fats from your waist. 5 minutes of this exercise done regularly can do a good favor to your health and fitness.
All pictures Courtesy Google search.

I) MEDITATION Meditation is one of the many things available to do at home. Meditation can strengthen your nervous and immune system and can help you become more efficient and in more control of life. Meditation should always be one the list of fitness and health topics.

Sitting straight on a yoga mat, wearing loose clothes with Spine straight, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. See it coming in and going out effortlessly. And don’t try to fight with your thoughts. See it coming and going and a time will come when you will be left with a blank. And that will be the bliss.

All pictures coutresy Google search.

J)FORWARD BENDING EXERCISES Forward bending exercises are one of the easiest and most useful to do. This forward bending exercise can be done both standing and sitting, and are good for health and fitness. In fact, all the exercises including Yoga and Meditation are good for health and fitness.
Now, coming down to standing forward bending exercises, stand straight wearing loose clothes, with hands on your waist, slowly and steadily raise your hands and try touching your feet with your hands, hold it there for 10 seconds and go back to your normal position.
All pictures courtesy Google search.

The next exercise in this category is Sitting forward bending exercise. Sitting wearing loose clothes, keep your legs straight and try touching your feet with your hands, still keeping your knees straight. Don’t bend your knees. If you can’t touch your feet with your hands, keep your hands up to the point where you can hold it comfortably. Hold it for 10 seconds and go back to your previous position. Repeat it 10 times.
All pictures Courtesy Google search. Please note that these exercises are not to be done by persons suffering from Back problems.

K) JOINT EXERCISES Joint health is a necessity for the free flow of the body. For the body to move painlessly and efficiently, joints have a great part to play. If they are sore or stiff, the whole movement of the body comes to standstill. To avoid this, one must focus on the health of the joints and take care of them on a regular basis. Diet plan should also be followed and products like ghee, butter, etc which acts as a lubricant should be taken on a regular basis.


All pictures courtesy Google search.

Standing straight, roll your shoulders clockwise 10 times, take a pause, and repeat the same thing anticlockwise. Repeat this cycle at least 10 times.

2) Wrist exercises

All pictures courtesy Google search.

Standing straight with elbows bent at 90 degrees and touching the body, move your wrists upside down as shown in the picture, 15 times daily. Good exercise for the stiffness of the wrists.

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Corona Virus Covid 19.

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