How to improve immunity from Corona Virus.

Boost your immunity against Corona Virus.
In simple words, Immunity is known to be a safeguard or resistance. Immunity is the resistance of the body to protect itself from harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. If the body has got some antibodies against a particular bacteria/virus, it is known to be immune against that bacteria/virus. The definition of immunity is different for different people. What disease a person can fight and is immune to, can be life-threatening one for the other. An infection that may be mild for one can be a life-threatening one for the other. So, it all depends on how your body reacts to the enemies outside. Now, the discussion comes down to the point that says More strong your immunity is, more your body is resistant to diseases. So, how do we increase the immunity of the body? There are many ways to increase the immunity of the body, simply being the change in the foods we eat. Just by changing our eating habits, we can increase the immunity of our body. So, here we will see what things we ought to eat and what things we ought to avoid in order to build up our immune system.

1)VITAMIN C is known to build immunity of the body and is mainly found in citrus foods like Lemon, Oranges, grapefruits, etc. Vitamin C is known to make white blood cells in the body, a key ingredient for fighting germs and bacteria. Since Vitamin C is not made by the body, a daily dose is required by the body to keep itself away from Infections. It is not without any reason it is said that A Lemon a day keeps doctors away, being a rich source of Vitamin C.

2.Vitamin D is one of the most important ingredients in building the immunity of the body. Though found only in the natural form, it is found in abundance and is totally free. Sunlight is the natural form of getting Vitamin D, IS FOUND IN ABUNDANCE AND A GREAT ANTI COVID 19. Sunlight taken in the morning is the most beneficial. Best time to take sunlight is around 0700-0800 hours in the Summers and around 0800-0900 hours in winters.

3. Do Exercise regularly. It has been seen that people who do regular exercise are more immune to diseases than people who exercise less. Doing exercise regularly will go a long way in boosting your immunity because exercise forces the toxins to be thrown out of the body, thereby allowing the body to focus more on building immunity. Walking and running also come under exercise. Daily routine od one hour of exercise will go a long way in improving immunity of the body.

4.No Smoking Smoking adversely affects the immune system of the body. Caffeine in Cigarettes is a dangerous component. So in order to improve the immunity of your body, say no to smoking.

5. Take adequate sleep. Sleep has the tendency of healing our body naturally. IT HAS BEEN SEEN THAT PEOPLE WHO SLEEP BETWEEN 6-8 HOURS ARE LESS LIKELY TO CATCH DISEASES THAN PERSONS WHO SLEEPLESS. So, in order to better our immune system, we should take adequate sleep, and feel fresh when we wake up. Always sleep on the hard bed. If you sleep on the Dunlop bed, you are bound to get back problems. And always try to get a shower before you go for sleep at night. And also massage your feet with mustard oil before you go to sleep. It will help you in getting a sound sleep.

6.Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and Meditation are one of the best ways to boost immunity. Though Yoga is a very vast subject and it will not be possible to go in detail here, but one asana that I always recommend to everyone is Savasana. I have written a full-fledged article on savasana in this blog also and am giving the link below for easy reference. Also, remember that Yoga and meditation are to practice in the morning only and that too empty stomach. The morning time of 04.00-04.30 hrs is the best time to practice Yoga and Meditation.


Have a sound sleep.

7.Turmeric Turmeric has got a very good compound called Curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. A small pinch of Turmeric taken every day in a glass of warm water or warm milk can do wonders in increasing your immunity. Turmeric, when taken with Black pepper increases Curcumin bioavailability, sand thereby increasing the immunity of the body, and positively looking after your health.

8. Take hot liquid every 4 hours. Reports coming out of Wuhan, the epicenter of Coronavirus pandemics, is that if you want to be safe from Coronavirus, take certain steps to safeguard yourself from this. It is best to not let your throat goes dry at any cost. Hence, it is recommended to take hot liquid every 4 hours, be it in the form of TEA, HOT WATER OR ANYTHING THAT IS EASILY AVAILABLE.

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SHOULD WE TAKE HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE TO TREAT CORONAVIRUS Hydroxychloroquine has become synonyms with Coronavirus. This drug is said to do wonders in coronavirus treatment.But the question being asked today is,”Should we take Hydroxychloroquine”?Please note that Hydroxychloroquine or any other drug should be taken under the medical advice only and as prescribed. Don’t take it on any prescription other than the medical one.This medicine won’t be sold over the counter and will be available only against prescription only.And it should not be considered as a wonder drug against Covid 19. TO BE TAKEN STRICTLY UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION ONLY AND AS PRESCRIBED.

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