God is a great magician. He has given the body and knew that Human being will use it irrationally and will go against nature, resulting in many diseases in the body. After having foreseen this, He also created internal mechanisms LIKE Kidney, Liver, Lungs and Nose, Ears, etc. to flush out toxins from the body. Because He knew that human being will lead to illogical and irrational life resulting in an imbalance in the body. TO flush out these Toxins He has given acupressure points through which we can all flush out toxins from our body by just pressing the relevant points for a few minutes a day half an hour sleeping and at least one hour after your last meal.

But Man has taken so many toxins inside that pressing acupressure points 2-3 minutes a day won’t do any good. So, what the catch is. Man himself has invented a product called Detox foot patches which when applied on your feet would pull out toxins from your body. And Vestige is doing a great job bringing that product at affordable prices. And the price is only RS. 1400/ for a pack of 10 pcs. This has to be applied on both the feet before sleeping and when you wake up, you will find that the pads which were pure white at the time of applying during Night, are as black as coal in the morning. The reason being that toxins are being taken out during the night and this is being shown in the color of pads in the morning. With the regular use of the Pads, this blackness will diminish and ultimately you will have minimum toxins in your body. So, start applying VESTIGE DETOX FOOT PATCHES, and begin healing yourself.
So, from the above, Properties and benefits of applying VESTIGE DETOX FOOT PATCHES CAN BE PUT ASUNDER.
1. IT removes toxins from the body, thereby improving the immunity of the body.
2. It is applied only during Night, thereby saving the working time.
3. Promotes better health and longevity.
4. Gives sound sleep during night.
5. Detox foot patches work on the principle of foot reflexology.

MRP IS RS. 1400. ANYONE WANTING IT ANYWHERE CAN COMMENT IN THE COMMENT BOX ALONGWITH THEIR MOBILE NUMBER. One no. soap cake free with this Vestige detox patch as a promotional scheme.Quite effective in Kidney problems.

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