Corona Virus Covid 19.

Corona Virus/ Covid 19
Nowadays, the word commonly doing the round is Corona Virus, COVID 19. Whether you pick up any News channel, any net search, you will definitely come across this word. Now, what is the Corona Virus? As per WHO, Corona Virus is an infectious disease caused through Corona Virus, generally called short for Corona Virus Disease, and 19, because the virus was found only in 2019, hence COVID-19.
How it started, nobody knows. But Bats and Pangolins are believed to be the originator of this deadly Virus. And then it somehow got transmitted to Humans. But it is a commonly known fact that it started from Wuhan, Hubei province of China, and was first announced by the World Health Organization on 31st December 2019. Though the world does not know how it started, its spread has been diagnosed through physical contact, cold, sneezing and Symptoms that have been put as Cough, Cold, Mild to High fever, respiratory disorders, tiredness. Some people may experience aches and pains, sore throat, running nose or Nasal congestion. One form of Coronavirus is known as SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also known as SARS-Cov, spread in 2002-2003. This new Corona Virus is called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- Corona Virus 2, and the disease caused by it is called Coronavirus disease 19 or COVID 19.
So, how does Coronavirus(covid19) spreads? Scientists and doctors believe that Coronavirus spreads mainly through the contact when an infected person sneezes or through a cough. IT ALSO SPREADS TO A HEALTHY PERSON WHEN HE TOUCHES HIS EYES, NOSE, AND MOUTH AFTER TOUCHING THE OBJECT/SURFACE ON WHICH CORONAVIRUS IS ALREADY THERE.

Though no vaccine has yet been found for COVID 19, The initial stages of COVID 19 patients get well simply by being treated by the Professional Medical staff. And the news coming out of Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID 19 is that taking warm liquids, preferably plain water every two hours, taking steam also 4 times a day can in many ways prevent a person from getting COVID 19. Also, prevention is always better than cure. Also, we have to abide by some rules if we have to avoid coronavirus and look after our health and fitness.
A) Avoid touching your own face, mouth, and nose.
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B) Avoid moving outside. Stay at home as much as possible.
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c) Keep an eye on your body temperature. If it remains at 100degree f, with cough and cold for more than 4 days, better to take expert medical advice.
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D)You should wash your hands as frequently as possible. And make it a habit of washing your hands as soon as you enter your home from outside.
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E)Always use Handkerchief or Tissue paper whenever you Cough. And when you don’t have these things, always Cough into your Elbow but never in open.
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F)Always maintain a safe distance while talking.
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G) And would repeat what I have said above. Take warm water every 4 hours and take steam through your Nostrils at least 4 times a day, because prevention is better than cure.
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It is generally also believed that a lack of immunity also causes the body to catch any disease, including COVID 19. To fight COVID 19, apart from building up your immunity, you should also do something which prevents you from catching a cold, cough, as you should practice Social distancing, you should not come in physical contact with the patient, or anyone else, always use a mask when going outside, maintain a safe distance, at least one meter while communicating, should wash hands every two hours, regular use of sanitizer, and most importantly, whenever you go outside your home, first thing after coming home is to wash your hands with water and use sanitizer.

Healthy People with mild symptoms can do themselves a great service to themselves and society is to seek medical advice and keep themselves in self-isolation. Lockdown imposed by several governments has not been properly heeded by some persons, resulting in some cases 61 persons and in some cases 36 persons from the same family getting caught in coronavirus. Hence, you are all requested to abide by the guidelines issued by your respective governments and Medical fraternity to keep yourself safe. Two of the most common instructions issued by both are, don’t go out of your house and wash your hands frequently.

Even after taking all the precautions, if anyone in the family still catches the Coronavirus, following precautions to be taken immediately to prevent it from spreading it to other family members.
a) An infected person needs to Rest, have nutritious food, and should be given a lot of water to drink. In fact, warm water should be given every 4 hours so that patient’s throat doesn’t get dry at any pint of time.
b)Everyone needs to quarantine themselves for at least 14 days if they show any coronavirus symptoms. As far as possible he should use a separate bathroom. And if all the members are using the same bathroom, the infected person should be the last one to use it and should be made to wash and clean the bathroom with the disinfectants.
c) There should not be any person to person contact in any case. Food should be kept at the door and the infected person should be made to pick that from there. If a separate room is not possible, at least maintain a six feet distance between members.
d) Clean, clean, clean should be the motto. Normally touched items like a doorbell, door handles, taps, remote controls etc should be cleaned and disinfected often.

As per my perception, all the diseases, whether it is Cancer, TB OR Coronavirus, or any other disease, happen because of a lack of immunity. When the body does not have sufficient power to fight diseases, it catches diseases. Lack of immunity is the only reason why people succumbs to diseases. So, the best way to fight diseases is to improve the immunity of your body and make your body so strong so that no disease ever come near it, and look after your health and fitness.

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