What is Deep Breathing and what are the benefits of Deep Breathing.

Deep breathing is also known as Diaphragmatic breathing or Belly breathing or Abdominal breathing.
Generally, it is common knowledge that we are alive only up to the time we are breathing. The moment our breathing stops, we are dead. So, Breathing is the essence of life. But how many of us know the correct way of breathing. Simply inhaling and exhaling is not breathing. We have to go beyond that to know the science behind breathing. When we inhale, we are taking in OXYGEN, which is a necessity for being alive as it helps in giving energy to the body through the process called Oxidation. Whatever we eat and Drink, is changed into energy. It activates the muscles, repair our dead cells and most importantly, it activates our brain. The more oxygen we inhale, the better it is for both the brain and body. Secondly, when we exhale, we throw out Carbon dioxide from the body. Therefore, Breathing is the cleansing agent through which we inhale oxygen and exhale toxins and other gases like Carbon dioxide, which is the result when your body makes energy from the food you eat and the resultant waste is turned into Carbon dioxide.

After knowing all this, we know that breathing has its advantages and deep breathing has many advantages too. Now, many people will ask, what is the difference between Breathing and Deep breathing. BREATHING IS NORMAL BREATHING WHEN YOU JUST INHALE AND EXHALE, WHEREAS DEEP BREATHING IS ACTUALLY WHEN YOU FILL YOUR STOMACH FULL OF AIR WHILE INHALING, SUCH THAT YOUR LUNGS ARE FULLY FILLED WITH AIR. AND WHEN YOU EXHALE, YOUR STOMACH GETS EMPTIED FROM ALL THE AIR FILLED IN IT. Some persons have mastered the art of Deep Breathing in such a way that it comes naturally to them. So there is no need to panic. We all can also master the art of deep breathing and reap the immense benefits arising out of it. So, what do we do? What are Deep breathing techniques? Nothing, actually. Just when you are sitting alone, sit with your spine straight, and focus on your breathing. See how your breath is coming in and going out. And also try to fill your stomach full with the air you are inhaling up to the extent that your stomach looks like an air-filled balloon. After holding the air for some time, release the same slowly and slowly so that your stomach is empty. After doing this 10-15 times at a time and for 9-10 days, you can also master the deep breathing.
The best time to practice Deep Breathing is early morning, roughly around 04.00-04.30 AM, an empty stomach, after doing all your daily chores. After doing all your daily chores, go to the roof of your house or a park, where there is a free flow of Air. Sit in a relaxed manner, with your spine straight and easy flow of breathing. Repeat the steps as described in the above paragraph, starting with 4-5 minutes, you can take it up to 9-10 minutes and ultimately up to 15 minutes. And the result will be there for you to see within a month.


Now, the next question being asked is WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF DEEP BREATHING? Although deep breathing has immense benefits, we will try to cover it one by one.
1. Cures Constipation. First of the many benefits of Deep Breathing is that it cures you of constipation and even chronic and acute one. A person practicing deep breathing will find it impossible to have constipation.

2.Stress buster. Deep breathing is a great stress buster. Those practicing deep breathing does not seem to come anywhere near the stress. And the result is there for all of you to see in just one session. Those practicing deep breathing can see their faces smile after the first session of just 3-5 minutes.

3.Makes you Calm. It is just a product of the above point. Once your stress is over, it automatically makes you more calm and efficient.

4. It makes you Energetic. Once you are stress-free and Calm, it automatically makes you more energetic. And the energy will show itself in the body language.

5. Improves Digestion. As the deep breathing utilizes the full capacity of the stomach, it automatically improves the digestion.

6. More you practice Deep Breathing, calmer your body will become and more
productive you will become.

7. Helps support corrective posture. Deep breathing helps your body to maintain a correct posture by keeping your spine straight and keeping your chin up.

8.Essence of Meditation.When you deep breathe, you have taken the first step towards meditation, because Deep breathing is a must to meditate.

9. Lowers your Heart rate.

10. It helps your body to withstand intense exercises.

11. It helps lower your Blood pressure.

12. It prepares your body to cope with PTSD. (Post-traumatic stress Disorder)


14. Deep breathing helps in detoxifying lungs, thereby increasing its capacity to hold oxygen, thereby strengthening the Diaphragm.

15. Last but not the least, Deep breathing will help you fight the challenges posed by the Coronavirus. Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of the person and limits his/her capacity to inhale, thereby making him/her a weak party to the coronavirus attack. When your deep breath, your diaphragm is strong, and your lungs can hold more oxygen, thereby making you immune to the COVID 19 attack. But you have to follow health advisories and other immune building measures to thwart off this challenge of Coronavirus.

Precautions to be taken while Deep Breathing.
One of the precautions to be taken during Deep Breathing is that it should always be practiced empty stomach.
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