N L P -What is NLP and What are the benefits of NLP.

Nowadays, there is a very big noise going around, and that is of NLP. The noise is genuine because this is the flavor of the season and a new addition to the Medicinal treatment dictionary.Now, the question is, What is NLP and what is the full form of NLP?

Now, many people would like to know what is the full form of NLP, and what it does. Before knowing what is NLP and what it does, let me tell you the full form of NLP. The full form of NLP is Neuro-linguistic programming.NLP covers all three dimensions of human interface, knowingly Neurology, language, and Programming.

Neurology is the science of knowing how our body functions, how one part of our body coordinates and reacts to other parts of the body. Language is what determines our communication with the body and outer world. And programming is the mindset that we have created for ourselves and by our environment.

Now, NLP is the art of treating a person by changing his thought process. It is not the treatment of only the body ailments, but also the elevation of the thought process and putting the person to the next level of living. It is not that a person is being treated for only bodily diseases. Body disease is only the effect and not the Cause. And the root cause of all diseases is searched for and dealt with accordingly.

Hence, NLP is a multidimensional process working on different levels of the person. IN NLP, Programming is the main point to be focussed on. Many of the people of the so-called disease is suffering from is basically Psychological in nature. We have seen many times that a person starts feeling better just by a visit to his Doctor. So, there must be something wrong with his thought process or Programming as called in NLP. As in all the electronic products, if the programming is wrong, you can’t get the desired results. For getting the desired result you have to get its programming right. In human cases, it is called getting the thought process right. These thought processes may have been changed due to some external factors, and the result is brain and body not performing up to its optimum level, resulting in many psychological and Bodily ailments. To get over this you have to change your thought process, i.e Programming in NLP. So, when you change your programming, you are on your way to health and wealth. That is the essence of NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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