FULL FORM (ABBREVIATIONS)–What is the Full Form of

Nowadays, generally people have started using abbreviations more than before. The reason being the ease of utilising abbreviations than its full form. Here I am trying to put down the full form of abbreviations used in the Health industry.

1. NLP: Full form of NLP is Neuro-linguistic Programming.
2. ND: full form of ND id Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.ND is also the
full form of Natural DeathNotifiable Diseases and Normal Delivery.
3.AYUSH: Full form of AYUSH is Ayurveda, Yoga-Naturopathy, Unani Sidha and
4.CGHS: Full form of CGHS is the Central Government Health Scheme.
5.HIV: Full form of HIV is a human Immuno Deficiency Virus.
6.AIDS: FULL form of AIDS is Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.
7.ICMR: The full form of ICMR is the Indian Council of Medical Research.
8. IT Full form of IT is Information Technology.
9.MBA: Full form of MBA is Management of Business Administration.
10.LHA: Full form of LHA is Lady Health Advisor.
11. MMR: Full form of MMR is the Maternal Morality Rate.
12.MMU: The full form of MMU is the Mobile Medical Unit.
13.MO: Full form of MO is Medical Officer.
14 NGO: Full form of NGO is a Non-Governmental Organisation.
15.NHP: The full form of NHP is the National Health Policy.
16.HIN: HIN stands for Health Industry numbers and is a unique number allocated by the HIBCC to identify all its trading partners involved in life sciences.
17.HIBCC. Health Industry business communication Council.
18.CAM: Complementary and Alternative Medicine is the full form of CAM. It is a term used when complementary medicine is used in conjunction with regular medication in the hope that it improves the chances of curing.
19.OAM: Stands for Office of Alternate Medicine.
20.NCCIH: National centre for complementary and Integrative Medicine is the full form of NCCIH.
21.WHO: World Health Organization.


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