What is Constipation and What are top Home remedies for Constipation/Piles?

In Naturopathy and Ayurveda, the Stomach is the root cause of all diseases. Irrational eating Habits and daily routine often lead us to the position of unwellness or Unhealthy. Irrational eating habits often lead us to Constipation, where daily bowel movements get affected and the Stomach is not cleared fully from the unwanted and leftover foods by the body. When the body is unable to flush out unwanted /leftover food products from the body, it starts getting accumulated in the body resulting in constipation. And Constipation, when it lasts longer becomes chronic and chronic constipation results in the Piles. Piles are quite painful to the patient which also results in the blood coming out of the body.

I have always maintained that all the diseases in the body are the result of inaccurate and unhealthy eating habits. If diseases can happen because of unhealthy eating habits, it is but natural that they can also be treated if we shift back to healthy eating habits. Constipation and Piles are the most curable diseases in the world, and piles need not be operated upon to get rid of, as the majority of the people do.

Constipation and piles can be easily treated through Home remedied by following the following steps.

The first step to getting rid of constipation is to wake up early in the morning. This may look the easiest and the most doable, but a majority of the people will fail to wake up around 430 AM. Waking up early will naturally allow your stool to pass thereby relieving the pressure and irritation in the body. Waking up early is the most natural constipation remedies available.

2. Drink more water.
After waking up early in the morning, the next step in Home remedies for Constipation is to drink water kept overnight in copper utensils. Drink water to the full of your capacity first thing in the morning, sip by sip and before brushing your teeth, and while sitting down. Drinking water while standing will create knee problems. Thus, water is the second most natural constipation remedies available.

3.How to Drink Water.
Water should only be taken 1 hour after the meals and 30 minutes before the meals, but should never be in between the meals. If at all it is to take in between the meals, it has to be only once, and that too taken sip by sip.

4. Papaya
Payapa is another giant killer for constipation. Persons suffering from Chronic constipation should skip a one-time meal and should take papaya instead, and you will see the miracle happening in front of you.

5.Exercise.98% of constipation occurs because of a redundant lifestyle. Nowadays people barely walk, let alone exercise. From RESIDENCE TO Car, and from Car to office and vice versa.This is what people generally walk, without any physical exercise in both Morning and evening. They will do themselves a good service if they can take out half an hour in both morning and evening for physical exercises, or simply for a walk. This half an hour daily both morning and evening will not only go a long way in improving their physical shape but also will help them in improving their professional output.

6. Eat more fiber. With life becoming fast and people just trying to make both ends meet, they eat whatever is available and don’t even bother to check whether it is healthy to eat such stuff or not. And in the process
eat up junk food without any fiber in it. It must be known to you all more the fiber in your food, less are your chances of having Constipation. Foods rich in fiber are Potatoes with skin, Nuts, and seeds, pulses, beans and peas, wholegrain breakfast cereals, wholegrain bread and oats, barley, rye, etc., Fiber-rich fruits include Bananas, Mangoes, Apple, Oranges, Raspberries, Strawberries. In Vegetables, if you want to know the fiber content, just look at their color. Darker the color, higher the Fiber content in it. Salads, Beans, and legumes are the other fiber-filled eatables. And when you are taking a lot of fibers, you must make sure to drink a lot of water to make your stool soft and easy to pass.

7. Always sleep Left. Always sleep left during the night. This will help in the fast digestion of your food, increase your metabolism, flush out toxins from your body and fasten the recovery of the body from different ailments including Constipation.

8. Space is the most important factor to be considered for treating Constipation, or for that matter any disease. Space between two cells is an indication of whether a person is healthy or not. A person is healthy and running when there is some space between the two cells. When this space reduces or is finished, the person starts moving towards diseases. So, how does a person creates space? The best and easiest way is to keep at least 6 hours gap between the two meals. And in this way, you have created space between everything in life. If you are only thinking and not taking any action, you need to put some space between your thinking and taking action. AND VICE VERSA IS ALSO TRUE. Only taking action and not thinking at all, also needs to be changed. So, the balance has to be created between all walks of life. And thus creating space.

9. Eat more fruits and Salad. To just say bye-bye to constipation, eat more salad before meals. In that way, you will be eating less cooked foods. Always try to eat seasonal vegetables raw.

Lemon juice taken in warm water helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Even simple warm water can do the same thing, but lemon water is much effective in making body toxins free and freeing itself from the curse of constipation.

11. Greasing the path.
Constipation happens because there is no grease along the way for the food to move. So add some Ghee, Butter to your food and see the magic happening Also Castor oil can be counted in the above category also. And can be counted as natural Laxative.

12. Guava.
Guava is another wonder food for curing constipation. Guava if taken regularly is a sure shot cure for constipation.


It is better if you abide by the above steps to relieve you of Constipation. But, it will be even better if you avoid things/foods that result in Constipation. Following is the list of food that you should not take during the time when you are having constipation.

1. Banana. Bananas are a strict no when it comes to eating it during
constipation. Bananas will only make the matter worse if eaten during
2. Milk and Dairy products. Milk and its products are one of the many things to be avoided during Constipation.
3. Fried and Fast foods.
4. Soft drinks and Cold drins.
5. Maida and Maida products.
6. Tea and coffee to be avoided by all the persons, whether he is having Constipation or not.
7. White Rice to be avoided. Instead, take Brown Rice.

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