10 Best Habits of Healthy Persons.

There is a common misbelief that Health is a God-Given gift. Such people give the example of the same category persons where one is still very active and the other hardly able to move his body. But they forget to mention that the healthy person follows a strict fitness regime whereas the other person does not even follow a normal daily routine regularly. However, some habits are common to all healthy people which they regularly and religiously follow and their top 10 habits can be put as follows.

1. Wake up early. All the healthy persons wake up early, generally around
5 AM, because they know that waking up early will help them get rid of constipation, which is the mother of all diseases. No matter how chronic is your constipation and how hard it is to pass the bowels in the morning, they know that waking up early will help them pass the motions without any laxatives. And if you could make your time of waking up around 430 AM, nothing better than that.
2. Say no to two white poisons. Healthy people know that Salt and Sugar are the two poisons, which will ultimately ruin their health. So to avoid complications at a later stage, they avoid taking these two S in their daily life foods.
3. Drink a lot of water. Healthy people know that drinking a lot of water will help flush out toxins from their body and increases the blood circulation and the immunity of the body.
4.No Caffeine for them. Healthy persons avoid Tea and Coffee and other caffeine drinks because they know that it is just a waste of time and health taking them.
5. No Cold drinks/soft drinks for them. All healthy persons fully avoid Cold drinks/Soft drinks as they know that these things upset the stomach and all the health problems start with the stomach only.
6.No idiot box for them. Healthy people don’t watch Television, and if ever they have to watch, they will watch it for a 15-20 minute period, because they know that watching more TV would make them a couch potato, with thinking ability diminishing by the day.
7. Walk a lot. Healthy people walk a lot. Walking at least 25-30 minutes, twice daily is inbuilt in their daily routine, and coming naturally to them.
8. Exercise and Yoga. Healthy people do exercises and yoga regularly without any fail. Exercises make their bodies strong and Yoga makes their mind and brain strong.
9.Charitable. All healthy people are helpful and charitable. They are the first to reach someone needing help. And it is a well-known fact that whatever you give, will come back to you, sooner or later. It also opens doors for them and takes them where they have not thought ever.
10. Keeps Space. Healthy people keep space between their daily routine and don’t pack their schedules tight. To grow, even cells need space in the body, and if this space is finished, cells die thereby bringing diseases in the body. Hence they all try to lead a balanced life with space in between.

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