Home remedies for Acidity/Gas.

Gas, as acidity is called commonly, is nothing but indigestion. When we eat something, it is meant to be absorbed by the body and the rest of the waste to be flushed out of the body in the form of Excreta and Urine. When the body is not able to absorb all it can or when Nature is fiddled with in the form of what you eat, Acidity happens. Also commonly felt as heartburn around the lower chest area, it happens because of some undigested food remaining in the stomach and turning into Acid which moves back into the food pipe. But there is no need to panic. For such common ailments, treatment has also to be common and not sophisticated. Just by changing your lifestyle and eating habits, you can get rid of this common ailment called Acidity.

Following points, if followed regularly and religiously would cure you not only of Acidity but many more diseases happening because of Acidity and Constipation.

1. WAKE UP EARLY. Generally, I always suggest to all persons suffering from Constipation and acidity to wake up early, generally around 4 AM. The reason behind this is that you don’t have to force for your motion. The motion will happen automatically once you start waking up early. And the first thing after waking up is to drink water as per your capacity. And you will see the results immediately.
2.No Water in between the meals. Water is not to be taken in between the meals. To avoid acidity, water to be taken at least 30 minutes before the meals and 2 hours after the meals. If there is an emergency, you can take water midway between the meals.

3. NO Cold Drinks and Soft Drinks. Cold drinks and soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Campa, Thums up, etc are the sources of Acidity. Everybody knows that they are the poison for the body, but maybe out of habit, they are taking it. If you stop drinking these things, no medication will ever to required for Heartburn and acidity.

4. No Tea and No coffee.



7. Jaggery, or Gur as it is commonly called, is the ultimate in curing Acidity. Have you ever wondered why our elders or those living in the villages, didn’t ever complain of acidity? It is because of the fact that they have made Jaggery an integral part of the meals. It helps in digestion and neutralizes the acidity effects in the body.

8. COCONUT WATER. This drink is natural water and a natural cure for all stomach problems. Coconut water, if regularly taken, not only takes care of acidity but can also cure Ulcer. Like Jaggery, it also controls the acid part in the stomach and makes the blood more alkaline.

9. CHILLED MILK Milk is rich in calcium is anti acidic.

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