Top Habits of a Healthy Person./What are the good daily habits.

It is not without any reason and rightly said that first Man makes the habits and after some time habits make the man.All persons who are healthy and who remains healthy are the ones who follow daily routines and ultimately habits come in their blood.

Though different people have different fitness regimes,as per their own individual requirement, but following 10 points can be considered common to all.

1. WAKES UP EARLY. All the healthy persons wake up early.They generally wakes up between 4.00- 4.30 AM. The main benefit they get after waking up early is that Nature’s call come naturally to them.And constipation never ever happen to them. If you take up the survey and find out why people are so irritating during the day , is that they carry constipation along with them the whole day.Motion is passed on naturally and person is feeling light and irritant free.

2. EXERCISE AND MEDITATION. After waking up early and after doing their morning chores, these healthy people take some time out daily for exercises and meditation.Exercise gives them physical strength and meditation gives them inner mental strength.So, before going out in the world in the morning, they are full of energy, both physically and mentally.

3. EATS SPROUTS. Healthy people rely on Sprouts.One meal a day preferably comprises sprouts, which are the natural source of energy.

4. EATS ONLY WHEN HUNGRY. Healthy people don’t eat out of habit and simply something eatable is lying before them. They eat only when they are hungry,and keeps a minimum of 6 hours gap between their main meals.Keeping 6 hours gap between their main meals has two benefits. First they are thoroughly enjoying their food and secondly and the most important one is food is easily digested. And when food is fully and easily digested you say bye bye to a number of diseases.

5.SAY NO TO SALT AND SUGAR. They all know that these are the two poisons going into their body, and hence a strict no no to both of them.

6.DON’T DRINK WATER IN BETWEEN THE MEALS. They know that drinking water in between the meals will come in the way of digesting foods. So they drink water half an hour before the meals and at least two hours after the meals. And if there is any urgency of drinking water in between the meals,they drink it exactly half way through the meals.And that is for one time only.

7. NO ADDICTION. All the healthy persons believes in the statement that prevention is better than cure.And they also know fully well that being addicted would leave them vulnerable to diseases.Hence it is a complete no no for them to all forms of addictions.

8. SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP. All the healthy persons fully understand that Man is a social animal and needs to remain in contact with others for his health- Physical, Mental and spiritual.

9. THEY SETS GOALS. All the healthy peoples are good at setting goals and making them possible. They are always the persons who don’t run unnecssarially but always have a plan for everything. They know that running here and there would not take them anywhere, but instead would ruin their health. Hence, they write goals and steadily work towards achieving them. They run to the tune of their own Drum. They run easy.

10. Preventive care. All the healthy persons work towards preventing diseases rather than treating the diseases when they occur.They believe in prevention rather than cure.

11. WALK. 100% of the healthy persons walk a lot.They know the importance of walking at least half an hour daily.They don’t miss there after meal walk at night under any circumstances.For them it is must must.

12.NO TO CAFENINE DRINKS. All the healthy persons avoid cold drinks, soft drinks,tea and coffee.They know the side effect of these drinks and hence avoid it fully.


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