Think And Grow Rich.

This is a very famous line and book by Napolean Hill. As the name suggests, you can grow rich by thinking. That means you can achieve anything in life if you can think that in your mind. And it is also a fact that you can achieve only that much that you can think of. The difference between a rich and poor man is only the level of thinking. A poor man thinks about his two-time food, while a rich man thinks about how he can contribute to society. A poor man thinks only 24 hours ahead while a rich man thinks 24 years ahead. As Microsoft Chairman Mr. Bill Gates has famously said that if you are born poor it is not your fault, but if you die poor it is definitely your fault. So a person born poor, if he raises his level of thinking will also raise his level of living, and ultimately will be good for the society.

Think and grow rich is not only applicable in terms of Money only, but can be applied to each and every aspect of life, like if you are willing and eager you can use and apply to your other problem areas in your life. For example, if you are not feeling well and your health factors don’t allow you to even walk, you can think and imagine that you are walking and running. This is also known as positive imaging. Of course, your medical and professional advice should also adhere to it.

Thinking is an art, which you have to practice day in and day out for your own benefit and for the betterment of the society as a whole. And for this very reason, Napolean Hill has written Think and Grow Rich. Think today, tomorrow may be too late. You don’t only have to Think but act also. Act today. Tomorrow may be too late.

AND YOUR THINKING SHOULD BE ON THE POSITIVE SIDE AND OVERALL GOOD OF SOCIETY. All the first generation multi-millionaires you see in this world, they all started from rock bottom. But they were all thinking much higher and much farther than their current level of work. So through their thinking, what they were doing was that they were preparing themselves for the right opportunity to come, and when it came, they grabbed it with both their hands and made the most out of it. Nature has its own way of helping you if your thinking is positive, on the right track, and for the overall good of you individually and society as a whole. But if you are thinking on the wrong side and for harming others, you are only going to create problems for yourselves.

So, no matter where you are and at what level of the career you are, start thinking where you will be 5 years or 10 years from now, and Nature in its own way will help you reach there.

It is also a well-known fact that you can go as far as you can think. You don’t know the power of thought unless you yourself have applied on yourself. The power of thought, it can move even mountains. So try taking this small experiment with yourself. If you are having some kind of financial problems and you are finding it difficult to make both ends meet, try giving positive thinking a try. When you wake up in the morning try standing in front of the mirror and saying to yourself:

I am the best.
I can achieve whatever I can think of.
I am doing a great job at my workplace.
I am helping people both financially and mentally.
I am the best.

After saying these five lines, you should smile at the person you see in the mirror because you love the person you see in the mirror.

There is one book available, which is recommended to everyone, and the name of the book is “The power of positive thinking”, which can be had from the following link.

In order to be successful and rich, you should make it a point of reading one book a month, even if you have time constraints. If you have plenty of time at hand, you can devote that to reading books as per your priorities.


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