There is very good discussion going on nowadays,as to whether Karma(Action) is more important or Bhagya(Destiny). People subscribing to two different extremes have their own points supporting their viewpoint.And they will go to any extent to support their stand.As per my view point,Destiny is like a printed book wherein you can only read what has been already written and you can’t change anything but only read it repeatedly.Whereas Action is like a Dairy where you can write anything as per your desires.Means Destiny will give you what has already been earmarked for you, and Karma will give you whatever you want in life.But here is a catch. You will be given only that for which you are working and legitimate in nature, because Nature works in its own peculiar way. It knows what is right and what is wrong.If you are working for wrong ends, it is very natural you will be getting it all wrong, and all your efforts will be going in vain. And there is every chance of you getting hurt and suffering losses on the way.Your efforts(karma) should be such as to benefit others and beneficial to the all society as a whole.Even if your destiny is wrongly written and you are not happy with the way your life , you always have a switch called karma in your hands through which you can always rewrite your Destiny.

Have you all played Snake and ladder game anytime in your life. Snake is like a destiny which will never allow you to reach 100, but karma will. If you try again and again and do your karma right, you will always reach 100. Snake is your destiny which will not allow you to reach where you want to go, and ladder is your karma which will take you to the place where you want to be. Of course,pitfalls and speed breakers will come and they will slow down your speed, but if you carry on with your karma, you will definitely win and reach where you want to be.


In my view, Karma has to be in the good of overall things to come. It should be for the overall good of the Society. See all the multi Billionaiers like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Azeem Premji of Wipro who while focussing on the job at hand,didn’t lose sight of the philontrophic work. They were all involved in the charitable causes and for the upliftment of the society.What we learnt from here? That in order to reap the positive benefits of the Destiny,your karma should be in the right direction.And if their is some negativity written in your destiny, you can always bring down its consequences by indulging in positive actions or karma intentionally.
So,all the best to you in all your future projects.And the best way to negate your unfavourable stars is to do some kind of charity everyday like giving food to the needy. You don’t have to take him to the five star hotel to bring the stars in your favour. Just take him to a place where food is hygenic and fresh and let him eat to his contentment.And even if you have a budget for a five star hotel, you don’t have to go there. With your budget you feed more people than one, and that is what humanity is all about.

Start doing these small steps and see how your karma will leave back your bhagya and put your life on a fast track highway.


Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita has also said that Karma Pradhan hai or Action is Supreme.By continuously doing action in the right direction, you will be able to achieve what you have set your eyes for.

So, just be a karma yogi in this kalyug, and you will see the world changing around you.

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