Foods For Health.

People eat and should eat intelligently, i.e, knowing what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. Nature has given us all the things to keep our body healthy and should also refrain from eating unhealthy foods, which I have written somewhere in this blog also. And also, avoiding unhealthy foods is a great thing to do, but you should also know what foods should you eat every day. Here I will discuss foods and fruits and their benefits to different organs of the body.

1. Banana.

Banana is highly beneficial to the body. It controls Blood pressure, strengthens the bones, Secures Heart, fights Cough.


Fights against Cancer, Good in Thyroid,

It softens the skin,has got anti-cancer
characteristics, Protects Heart,Regulates Blood pressure, good
in skin diseases.
4. Grapes
Protects Heart,increases blood circulation, fights cancer, helps
in improving eyesight, destroys Kidney stone.
Onion is anti-fungus, it decreases the risk of heart attack, it has anti-cancer characteristics and lowers bad cholesterol. If you are to take the passive benefits of Onion,i.e without eating it just place a piece of cut onion in your Bedroom and see the results. All the elements not good for your health will be consumed by that piece of onion and the atmosphere around your room will be a better place to breath. Also, make it a point to change this piece of onion to be replaced every week and thrown away and not to be eaten.
6. Tulsi. (Basil)
Tulsi is worshipped as God in Hindu Mythology, because of its infinite medicinal properties. Just five leaves of Tulsi taken empty stomach would save you from many diseases.
7. CURD.
Curd is one of the miracle foods known to mankind. It offsets the majority of side effects of your wrong eating habits and gives you time to mend your ways. It is also seen that a chain smoker who regularly eats curd can even beat diseases like cancer.
CHEESE is the wonder food for gas and acidity. Whenever you are feeling the heat in the stomach, or acidity, just eat cheese which has the capacity to absorb the heat and you will see the results immediately.
9. Oranges.
People only know that Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, but what they don’t know is that it is also a good source of antioxidants and rich in fiber.
10. Tomatoes.
People know that TOMATOES are rich in Vitamin C, BUT WHAT THEY DONT KNOW IS THAT IT IS RICH IN POTASSIUM ALSO. In addition to Vitamin C and Potassium, it is also rich in folate and Vitamin K. It is very helpful in reducing the risk of Cancer and Heart Diseases.

People know only to eat and that they know not when to eat fruit. It is a general tendency and you all must have noticed that people generally eat fruit after the meals which are a no-no in all cases. Fruit should always be taken before the meals and not after the meals and you could see the feeling of uneasiness gone away when you change your time of taking fruits and thereby reducing the chances of a heart attack.

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