What are the Five elements of health.

Our body is made up of five different natural elements namely Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. And all five elements are present in the body of a healthy person in a fixed proportion. Any disproportion in their presence in the body leads to different diseases in the body. WHATEVER IS INSIDE, IS ALSO OUTSIDE, the simple law of Nature. And to be healthy and fit, you need to create a balance between the two.

Let us now see how we can create Space in the body. It is a common knowledge that there is space in the body between cells, and whenever that space is reduced or filled, resulting in the various diseases in the body. How to create that space in the body and in life so that one leads a healthy life. The first point to be noted down is that we should create space between everything we do. Don’t eat too much too soon. Keep at least 6 hours gap between 3 main meals, i.e Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. AND THESE SPACE THING SHOULD BE MAINTAINED IN EVERY ASPECT AND EVERY STAGE OF LIFE. Think, but don’t think too much that it becomes tension. Exercise, but too much exercise will lead to wear and tear of the body. Like this, you have to take care of each and every aspect of life and maintain a balance between all the things in life. Once a balance is maintained, Space is automatically created. This was one of the five elements of the body.

The second element is Air. Again whatever is inside is also outside. So the air is also inside and also outside the body. To get Air inside the body, the best and easy part is to have a morning walk in the early part of the day, take a deep breath from Nostrils and fill the stomach with air such that the stomach comes outside and looks like a football and when you breathe out, your stomach should look like you have not eaten anything for months. Try to do these steps at least 10 times to start with, and gradually increasing it to 20 times. This was the second of the five elements of the body.

The third element is Fire. This is one of the most important elements and the easiest to get. Just by having Sunbath, you can take in the fire element in the body. Maximum 45 minutes of the Sunbath daily is ok to start with. You have to be in just shorts and T-shirts and always remember to drink plenty of water before you start taking a sunbath. The reason is that while taking a sunbath, you will sweat quite a bit and lose water from the body, there having a fair amount of chance of Sunstroke. Therefore, to avoid Sunstroke and reaping the full benefits of Sun Bath, drink plenty of water and try to keep your head in the shade. And the second way of getting is to sleep on the left side during Night. The left nostril represents the Moon or the coolness, and the Right nostril represents the Sun or the fire. So when you sleep on the left, the right nostril gets activated, resulting in the fire element in the body. Apart from this, sleeping on the left has other benefits as well, which I have discussed somewhere else in the blog, the link of which I am sharing here.

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Water is the fourth of the five elements of the body. The percentage of water in a human body depends upon the stage at which a human being is. Generally, it varies between 60%-75%. Generally an infant’s body is70% water, children are 65%, Adult female’s body is 55% water and a male adult’s body is 60% water. And how do we make good the loss of water in our day to day work? Take quiet a lot of water during the day. And the rule for taking water is that it is to be taken only while sitting and not standing. Otherwise, it will create arthritis problems. Water is to be taken half an hour before meals and two hours after meals. Water is not to be taken in between the meals, and if you have to take it, take just half a glass of it only once in the middle of the meal.

The last of the five elements of the body is Earth. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HAVE EARTH ELEMENT IN THE BODY. You just have to walk barefooted on the earth. This will enable the earth element in your body. Just walking 30-45 minutes daily would make your body stronger. And it will be an icing on the cake, if you could walk barefooted on the grass early in the morning, when there is some dew still left on it. This will be good for your eyes and can even improve your eyesight if done with a routine.

So, these were the five elements that our body is made up of, and the point is that the more you are closer to nature, the more you are healthy. And of course, wealth will take of itself when you have taken care of your health.a

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