Don’t Ignore, Don’t Postpone.

There is a proverb in Hindi, which says, KISSI BHI KARZ AUR MARZ KO CHOTTA NA SAMGHO. Means that debt and illness are not to be taken lightly, no matter how small it is. Because these thing can become large and soon get out of control, if not taken care of and hit on the head at the first point only.
There is a natural tendency among the people to not take first medical advice as seriously, boasting of like saying , I will take care of all this, what can happen to me , and statements like that. They will take the first opinion, go to the doctor, take the prescription, normally would take the first round of medicines as prescribed, and repeat the same medicines by themselves as prescribed, without showing it to the doctor the second time. Because they don’t understand the complexities of the body,what medicines would click in the first instance need not click the second time.So instead of repeating the medicines all by themselves, they would do better by going to doctor and let him change the medicine or repeat it, as and when he/she likes it, as per the symptoms and conditions of the body of the patient. So don’t ignore the medical advice of the Doctors, and should complete the full course till the Doctor gives you the thumbs up, and recommenend discontinuing of the medicines.And if the doctor recommends some future course of action like action to be taken at home or some where else, don’t postpone. Just start working on it and complete the action. And stop not till the Doctor says to stop it.

Same is applicable in case of debt also. Now some people here will say why I am discussing these financial matters here when this is a health blog.As I have written it somewhere else in this blog, Money and health are interrelated.First man runs after money and spoiling his health and then spending the same money to regain his health. So no debt is to be considered small and has to be brought down to zero as soon as possible, especially the credit card debts. The credit card outstanding has a cumulative and compounding effect, and if you try to ignore it, it tends to get out of hand. So if you are having a credit card outstanding, first thing after reading this is to find things to make your outstanding zero. And try bringing all the debts in your life to zero at the earliest, And see the positive changes in your life. DEBT FREE LIFE IS A FREE LIFE AND A COMPLETE LIFE.



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