Viruddh Aahaar or Incompatible foods.

Though food itself is good for health,as it gives nutrients to the body.But there are certain food which should not be taken together creates problems in the body,and are a strict no no in terms of taking them together.There are a number of food combinations which should not be taken together and I will try to put together some of them which are commonly used together in daily life and the side effects thereon.

1. Onion and Milk are not to be taken together.It creates skin problems like Psoriasis,Eczema,itch etc..

2.Jackfruit and Milk also not to be taken together.Also Milk not to be taken with any citric acid fruit like Orange,lemon,Mausami,Grapes etc.

3.Ghee and Honey also not to be taken together. This is the worst poison in the world.

4.Black gram and curd not to be taken together.

Also eating is not important,Important thing is to digest what you eat.So the best thing to do for the food to be easily digested is not to drink water immediately after the meals. If you want to try,try drinking water immediately after meals and you will experience Acidity,and if this process is continued without any break,it will lead to Hyper acidity, Ulcer,and Ultimately Cancer.So the best part is to stop the process at the first step itself and avoid drinking water immediately after meals.Let the food gets digested naturally and when your stomach feels light immediately after digestion,that is the right time to drink water.



So, though water is a neccesity and can act as a medicine,if taken properly and as per rules,but can prove to be a poison if taken wrongly.So,the best thing in the world is totally free,and it is your sweet will whether you want to use it as a medicine or as a poison.






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