How to make your Nervous System stronger.

Of all the systems in the body,Nervous system is the most important of them all.Though all the systems,Nervous system holds its own on the fact that it controls the whole body.Stronger the Nervous system,stronger the body,stronger the reflexes etc.The best way to get your Nervous system strong is to make the Spinal Cord strong.And you need not shoot out a fortune to make your Spine strong.Some simple techniques are available absolutely free to make your spine strong.

The first one is absolutely free and is known as Sun bath.In the morning,when the sun is rising and the heat is just setting in,try getting sunrays on your Spine.Just take off your Clothes fromthe upper portion of your body,sit with your spine towards the Sun,and try getting Sunrays on your Spine as per your capacity.Initial time of 5-10 minutes will be sufficient to start with and make sure  to cover your head with a wet towel,either Blue or White.Blue being a colour associated with Nervous system,and White being Neutral.Only Blue and White Colour to be used on Spine and Head,and no othr olour,and Red being a strict no no.

Second thing to make your spine stronger is Hydrotherapy.Taking spinal bath.When you are taking bath,use shower on your spine.Put spine in line of the shower water,such that shower water falls  on your  spine,and then move in  such a way that water falls on your spine   from top to the bottom,covering the entire spine.Initial spinal bath of 2-3 minutes is sufficient to  stat with,and once your body is accustomed  to spinal bath,you can increase the time to maximum 5 minutes.The spinal bath will help flush out the toxins from the body and help make body stronger.

THOSE WHO HAVE NOT GOT THE SHOWER FACILITY WITH THEM,CAN STILL TAKE THE SPINAL BATH.Take a towel,either Blue or White and fold it enough so that it can cover the entire spine,soak it in water,rinse it to take out extra water from the towel,put it on the floor,(remember to not put towel directly on the floor.It should be either on the wooden thing or on the mat),and put your spine on towel for a  maximum of 5 minutes to start with.AND SEE YOU ARE TAKING THE SPINAL BATH WITHOUT SHOWER.



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