Why people fail.

As the dictum goes,To  succeed,you must appear to have succeeded already.But the same does not apply to finance and health. To look financial sound you have to be finacially sound, and to look healthy you have to be healthy. There is no second way.You have to work on your finances and health and that is a long term process.If you are healthy and moving around freely,only then you will be able to take care of your finances.Because once Diseases start gettng into body there will be a lot of strain on your finances. A large portion  of your income will start flowing outside in terms of medicines and other medical tests.And this way he is trapped in a vicious circle,trying to  get his income at par with his expenses.But the more  he tries to get out of this,more he is into it.He could have easily got himself covered through mediclaim policy,which is always cashless policy.In this way he will be saving himself from the blushes of meeting unexpected medical expenses. Now family covered during your life time,what about their security after you. There is also a solution to this problem.The solution is to take the Term plan. You can get a good cover while paying only a nominal amount of premium. In this way you have taken care of your family during your life  time and also you have secured them financially through term plan when you are no more with them.

Many  of the readers would wonder,why I am posting financial matters in this health blog.And let me remind them that Health will come when weatlh will be there,because a person loses health trying to earn money and then he spends the money he has earned to get his health back. Hence Health and wealth goes hand in hand and  a man should try to maintain balance between the two and not lose one in search of another and specially health.Because once health is gone  it is very difficult to get it back.But wealth and money can be earned back even all of it is lost.

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