Mentally Differentally Able.

Sometimes it so happens that a child is born with not so developed brain.And parents take it as a will of  God. But with science having quantum leaped in terms of Diagnosis and treatment,this problem can also be put under control,if not fully cured.Alternate system of medicines like Yoga and Naturopathy can go a long way in putting this problem under control, if not fully cured.This problem arises maybe because of some problems during Pregnancy or some complications during delivery.But if the problem is there,we can’t run from it,but has to take it head on.

The first step is to take the  Child as a normal one and then go on a path to make him one.Secondly,let him do what he is doing,unless of course if he is not  hurting himself.Make his enviroment as calm as possible,make his surroundings as blue as possible,as blue is a colour of  Nervous system.How can you give him more blue colour. Make him wear as much Blue colour as possible and when he is still a toddler,remain with him as much as possible and try to speak with him.And give him some space also where he will on his own,trying to figure out what happened around him.

Let him hear the music and that too religious one.Religious music is known to soothe the nerves and calm the mind.Music creates a positive path in the brain which ultimately leads to the healing.And while listening to the music,he wants to dance,don’t stop him and let him dance.Dance is the ultimate way of getting connected with the nature. The more he gets connected with the nature,more he is closed to getting cured.

Besides,Music and Dance,I would like to  again repeat what i have been saying reguarly. Control on what you eat and ensure that this person has regular bowel movements. And with passage of time you will definitely see a positive change and if this  is continued over a longer period of time, who knows Miracles may happen.


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