What not to eat

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.And that is very  dangerous  when you apply this knowledge on others,especially in matter  of Health and Eateries. Everybody seems to be having immense knowledge about what to eat and what not to eat.But seldom do they apply on themselves.Look at the people standing along roadside or outside shops and eating in the open.They may be eating healthy food,but they dont know that they are taking in pollution particles alongwith dirt particles.What the benefit are they achieving, I dont know.

Just look at what we have for eating like Fruits,vegetables,Gur,Honey etc. and see what we are eating like Pizzas,Burgers,fast foods,white bread etc. We not only have to eat, but eat it intelligently.And what not to eat, we should know better.





And now we should also know how to drink water.Water is the thing we drink daily and without it we can’t think of surviving for long.But we should be intelligent enough to know how to drink water.Water is to be taken sip by sip and sitting only. In no case should it be taken while standing.The reason that water should always be taken sitting only is that if taken standing,it will create knee problems for you.

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