10 Best Habits of Healthy Persons.

There is a common misbelief that Health is a God-Given gift. Such people give the example of the same category persons where one is still very active and the other hardly able to move his body. But they forget to mention that the healthy person follows a strict fitness regime whereas the other person does not even follow a normal daily routine regularly. However, some habits are common to all healthy people which they regularly…

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Top Habits of a Healthy Person./What are the good daily habits.

Top  Habits of a Healthy Person./What are the good daily habits.

It is not without any reason and rightly said that first Man makes the habits and after some time habits make the man.All persons who are healthy and who remains healthy are the ones who follow daily routines and ultimately habits come in their blood. Though different people have different fitness regimes,as per their own individual requirement, but following 10 points can be considered common to all. 1. WAKES UP EARLY. All the healthy persons…

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How to Join Vestige.

People willing to join Vestige should leave their Name, whattsapp number and city in the comment box and I will revert back within 72 hours. And I do revert back.You will be joined online and after joining you will be provided with the vestige address near you. Thanks Vestige wish you wellth forever.

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Five elements of health.

Our body is made up of five different natural elements namely Space,Air,Fire,Water and Earth.And all the five elements are present in the body of a healthy person in a fixed proportion.Any disproportion in their presence in the body leads to different diseases in the body.WHATEVER IS INSIDE,IS ALSO OUTSIDE,the simple law of Nature. Let us now see how we can create Space in the body.It is a common knowledge that there is space in the…

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